Home Office Ergonomics Tool Kit

Preventing Injuries in an Aging Workforce

Incorporating MSD Risk Reduction Improves Employee's Physical, Mental, & Emotional Wellness

Evaluating Employee Wellness Benefits to Improve Retention

Caring for Your Workforce - A Provider Spotlight

What is Neutral Posture and Why Should You Work in it?

Boosting Your Energy When at Work

The Hybrid Challenge – A Need for an Ergonomic Restart

Stay Pain-Free with Smart Driving Ergonomics

Tips to Reduce Stress Eating

Reducing Work-Related Injuries with a POET program

The Importance of Incorporating Self-Care into Your Daily Routine

Changing for the Better: Proactively Addressing the Great Resignation

A Full Spectrum Approach - Industry Leading Employment Testing Solutions

Stay Ahead of Holiday Burnout

Benefits of an Industrial Athlete Program and Briotix Health featured in Risk & Insurance Magazine

The Briotix Health Difference - Industrial Sports Medicine

Stay Physically Active with a 5-Minute Stretching Workout

Is Your Cell Phone Causing You Physical Pain?

Walking Your Way to Health

Incorporating Proper Ergonomics into Grocery Shopping

The FAQs of Functional Employment Testing

Keeping At-Home Workers Safe and Healthy

What is Ergonomics and Why is it Important in your Office?

Taking Care of Your Utility Workers: Preventing MSD Injuries with a Warm-Up and Strengthening Program

Case Study Review: Free Webinar on Wearable Sensors

The Importance of Proper Sleep Position

Working Out with a Neutral Spine

Free Webinar: Common Industrial MSD Injuries and Prevention Strategies

The Importance of An Annual Physical

Free Webinar: Common Office Work-Related Injuries and Strategies to Avoid Discomfort

Reap the Benefits of Stretching and Strengthening

Tips to Prevent the Winter Blues

Staying Safe During a Winter Workout

Briotix Health Expert Featured in OHS Canada Magazine Article

Planning During a Pandemic - Free Webinar on Worker Health Trends that will Guide 2021

Large Utility Company Reduces Average Workers’ Comp Claims Cost by 40%

Webinar on Creating a Home-Based Employee Ergo Program

Don't Baby Your Back! Tips for Common Back Discomfort

Webinar on Changes to the Hiring and Re-hiring Process due to COVID-19

Understanding the Dangers of Wildfire Smoke and Tips to Prevent Injury

New Study Links Home-Based Office Work to Increased Risk of Injuries

Webinar: Contact-Free Industrial Virtual Ergonomics in the COVID-19 era

Free Podcast - Setting Up an Ergo-Friendly Home Office

3 Stretches for At-Home Workers

Three Tips for Creating a Productive Digital Learning Workspace

Five Reasons Exercise Improves Productivity

Missing the gym? Try this home workout challenge!

5 STEPS to Normal Life after being Sick during COVID-19

Briotix Health Introduces Post COVID-19 Work Re-Entry Program

Watch This Episode: How to Prepare Your Workforce for Work Re-Entry after COVID-19

Watch This Episode: Making Virtual a Reality: Office Ergonomics in the Post COVID-19 Workplace

CTO Shelby Spencer featured on webinar panel to discuss enabling a digital workplace

Creating a Safe Standing Desk in Your Temporary Home Workspace

Improve Cardiovascular Health During COVID-19 with our Indoor Workout

Creating an Ergonomic Workspace for Your Child

Free Podcast - What Makes an Effective PDA?

Watch This Episode on Acknowledging and Coping with Stress

Free Virtual Office App Offered to Help Home-based Workers Avoid Injury

Free Webinar Download on Understanding the Benefits of a Physical Demands Analysis

Free Webinar on Setting Up Your Temporary Home Office to Avoid MSD Injuries

Briotix Health's Response to Covid-19

Temporary Office Set-Up Diagram to Avoid Discomfort and MSD Injuries

Free Podcast - What Companies Should Know Before Implementing POET

Free Webinar Download on Understanding POET Testing

Post-Offer Employment Testing Webinar Offered February 25th

Free Podcast on Reducing Musculoskeletal Injuries in Distribution

Free Utility Industry Podcast on Reducing Workers' Compensation Costs

Reducing Workers' Comp Costs by Addressing Preventable Injuries

Free Webinar Download on Reducing Workers' Comp Costs in 2020

Briotix Health and ErgoExpo Partner for Free Webinar on the Effectiveness of Virtual Ergonomic Solutions

Comprehensive Employment Screening Reduces Worker's Compensation Costs by 92%

Understanding the Cost of MSD Injuries Presented at VPPPA

Briotix Health to Highlight Power of Virtual Ergonomics and Wearable Sensor Technology at ErgoExpo Conference

Agriculture Company Reduces Medical Costs by $2.4 Million with Injury Prevention Solution

Utilizing Wearable Sensor Technology and Customized Wellness Plans to Reduce Work-Related Injuries and Improve Employee Health

Reducing the Risk of Workplace Falls by Improving Your Balance

Briotix Health's Natural Disaster Response Services Highlighted in NATA News

Reducing Workers' Compensation Costs in the Hospitality Industry

It's as Easy as PIES - Reducing Lost-Time Injuries and Improving Employee Health

Reducing Employee Injuries and Maximizing Resources with an Ergonomic Partnership

Effective Materials Handling in Beverage Distribution to Reduce Musculoskeletal Injuries

Understanding the Costs and Risk Factors of MSDs at the Wisconsin Safety Council Annual Conference

Briotix Health at American Association of Occupational Health Nurses Conference

Briotix Health at Applied Ergonomics Conference

How to Set Up Your New Office to Be Ergonomically Correct

6 Examples of Ergonomic Injuries in the Workplace

Briotix Health at AgSafe Activate 19

13 Cheap (or Free) Ergonomic Upgrades for the Office

What Are the Main Causes of Industrial Accidents?

9 Workplace Injury Prevention Tips for the Smart HR Manager

Four Woes of Winter and Tips for Beating Them

Stepping Towards Better Health in 2019

How Does a Workers Comp Claim Affect an Employer?

Let’s Talk Pillows: Maximizing your Sleep in 2019

How to Lower Workers Compensation Premiums

Top Employee Wellness Trends of 2018 and Predictions for 2019

9 Workers Compensation Cost Reduction Strategies

Briotix at the UAA Wisconsin Safety Summit

Briotix Health Case Study for Shortening Disability Durations to be Highlighted at NWCDC Conference

Free Webinar: Managing the Risk Factors (and Economic Cost) of Musculoskeletal Disorders

Are Your Employees At Risk for Repetitive Strain Injury?

Responding to Disaster: A First-Hand Account of Offering Hurricane Support

Briotix Health at NSC Congress and Expo

How to Reduce Employee Turnover in Manufacturing

Footwear that Works

Briotix Health is going PINK

Briotix Health at the International Lineman's Rodeo

Functional Fitness – Fit for Life

October is National Ergonomics Month

3 Examples of Unreasonable Accommodations in the Workplace

How to Build a Safety Culture in 10 Simple Steps

Briotix Health at the VPPPA National Symposium

11 Injury Prevention Exercises You Can Do At Work

When Can Carpal Tunnel Be Considered Work-Related?

Don't Miss Our 2018 ErgoExpo Presentations

Briotix Housekeeping MIPP Checklist Featured by California Hotel and Lodging Association

What Is the Average Cost of an Ergonomic Assessment?

Free Cal-OSHA Compliance Webinar Download

Understanding the Requirements of the Cal-OSHA Housekeeping MIPP Standard - A free, 60-Minute Webinar

Busting the Myth of Work-Life Balance

The Most Common Mistakes Runners Make: Are You Wasting Your Time on that Jog?

5 Common Ergonomic Problems and Solutions

Six Pitfalls to Avoid When Creating a World-Class Injury Prevention Program -  Pitfall Six: Forgetting the Value of Expertise

Six Pitfalls to Avoid When Creating a World-Class Injury Prevention Program -  Pitfall Five: Reaching to Injuries through Claim Management Instead of Prevention

Six Pitfalls to Avoid When Creating a World-Class Injury Prevention Program -  Pitfall Four: Forgetting Employees Only Have One Body

What Is Ergonomics? (Plus Its Importance in the Workplace)

Six Pitfalls to Avoid When Creating a World-Class Injury Prevention Program - Pitfall Three: Equating Program with Cost Instead of Return

Comments on the National Occupational Research Agenda for Musculoskeletal Health

Six Pitfalls to Avoid When Creating a World-Class Injury Prevention Program - Pitfall Two: Thinking Employees Won't Embrace Technology

6 Workplace Safety Tips and Ideas for Meetings and Training

Six Pitfalls to Avoid When Creating a World-Class Injury Prevention Program - Pitfall One: Believing All Risk Can Be Designed Out

3 Reasons to Create an Ergonomically Correct Workplace

Removing Barriers for Women in Technology

Briotix Offers Flexibility and Adaptability to our Food and Beverage Clients

Why all Food and Beverage Companies Should Adopt Early Musculoskeletal Injury Interventions

Wearable Robotic Technology - How Will Future Workforces Apply Wearable Sensors and Exoskeletons? 

For the Food and Beverage Industry, Investing In Employee Health Makes Good Business Sense

Groundbreaking Wearable Technology In Work Environments

Technology Driven Ergonomic Solutions to Improve Organizational Operations

A Comprehensive Checklist to Ensure Compliance with New California Housekeeping MIPP Requirement

Industry Leader in Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention

3 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Musculoskeletal Injury in Hotel Housekeeping

Three Things Every Manager Needs to Know About California’s New Housekeeping MSD Prevention Standard

Improving the End-User's Experience with Artificial Intelligence

Companies Can Rest Easy with Briotix.Works Security

Get the Data You Need with Briotix.Works

Commit To Your Uniqueness with Briotix.Works

Three KPI Reports You Didn’t Know You Needed

Cost-Effective Documentation with Briotix.Works

Making Data-Driven Decisions with Briotix.Works

Address Employee Needs Instantly With Briotix.Works

BxPro Offers a Customizable, Comprehensive Solution for Employers through Briotix.Works

How a Neutral Position Can Reduce Your Risk of Carpal Tunnel

Reduce Your Risk of Carpal Tunnel with 3 Easy Steps

Three Unexpected Personal Risk Factors that Increase Your Chances of Developing Carpal Tunnel

Industrial Exoskeletons and Wearable Sensors – Technology that can Revolutionize the Way You Work

Musculoskeletal Disorders: Is Your Workforce Protected?

The Future of Sit Stand in 2017

Successful Implementation of Safe Patient Handling

Technology Leader in Injury Prevention & Management

How Briotix Prevention Specialists Address Organizational Risk

How Briotix Prevention Specialists Address Cognitive Risk

Integrating Employer Programs for Improved Outcomes

How Briotix Can Help You Find the Perfect Prevention Specialist

How Briotix Prevention Specialists Address Physical Risk

Prevention Specialists: The License Isn't Everything

Find Us At ErgoExpo 2017

How an Onsite Prevention Specialist Can Help Your Company

What Makes a Great Onsite Prevention Specialist?

Interested in Industrial Exoskeleton Solutions?  Don't Miss The DOE Meeting Happening This Month

What Does an Onsite Prevention Specialist Do?

How Onsite Physical Therapists Help Companies Cut Worker’s Compensation Costs

Massage Therapy in the Workplace

Onsite Physical Therapy & Injury Prevention Continues to Grow

Best Practices on Injury Prevention Global 2000 Survey Launched

Worker’s Compensation and the Affordable Care Act

Briotix in Action

The Future of the Workplace

Implementing Diabetes Prevention Programs in the Workplace

Help! I Can't Get My Employees Back to Work!

Exploring Alternative Return to Work Strategies

Why Are Physical Therapists a Popular Choice for Onsite Services?

Workplace Wellness Trivia

Are Desk Exercise Equipment & Deskercises a Good Idea for the Workstation?

Should I Use an Exercise Ball as an Office Chair?

Leveraging Technology to Optimize Injury Prevention, Employee Health, and Satisfaction in Public Agencies -  A Case Study

Part III - Strategic Injury Prevention Program Planning