Reaching for Health: A Briotix Health Provider Spotlight

Learn how a team of ergonomists brought a simple sketch to life creating a unique solution to a common ergonomic problem.

At Briotix Health, innovation and discovery is paramount to our success. Our subject matter experts and providers are always looking for new solutions to problems that we see every day. Recently, team members from across Briotix Health came together to develop a cross-discipline solution to a complex problem affecting workplaces across industries.

The Problem

Correct Sitting Desk Ergonomics

You have likely seen a graphic like the one above before - showing you how to align your monitor to eye level, set your seat at an appropriate height, and hold yours wrists so they are aligned properly on keyboards. But for many, the diagram doesn't provide enough information and can lead to more questions than answers. Where should you place pens, notebooks, desk materials, and decorations? What are the best ways to avoid repeated strains when setting up your desk area? What if my workspace doesn't look like this - then what? To address these and other common questions, the Briotix Health team developed "The Reach Mat".  

From Paper to Reality

The initial design for this project originated from Josh Levinson, a Project Manager in Ergonomics after a Briotix Health provider reached out asking for a more detailed visual aid for creating and explaining office ergonomics. Josh created a quick sketch on a piece of paper to meet the provider's needs and thought nothing else of it. However, as more and more providers heard about the resource, the inquiries about how to get one they could use with clients multiplied. This interest prompted expanded conversations and Josh soon brought together other Briotix Health ergonomists to come up with a more permanent tool. 

Design Challenges and Triumphs

With demand on the rise, Kristianne Egbert, Senior Corporate Ergonomist with Briotix Health, began to lead a team of providers in reviewing and tweaking this project, identifying areas of improvement using the team's experience in the field. The idea of moving from a simple visual aid to a physical tool providers could bring to locations to showcase proper ergonomics resulted in the first prototype of "The Reach Mat".

But the design was still just a simple sheet. Working with a Briotix Health designer, the team was able to create the first prototype design, a table sized layout that could be placed on any desk and instantly show the ergonomic zones an employee operates in every day. Understanding the everyday ergonomics of a job is essential to creating a healthier workplace and this tool was able to showcase one of those pieces. 

With the prototype in hand, the workgroup began sending it to providers in a variety of work environments to test its practicality and provide feedback. After several weeks in the field and feedback from several providers, the team realized that while the initial desk set-up mat was a very useful tools for providers in an office setting, the concept of a reach guide could be used for more than just desk layouts - it could be expanded to all forms of workstations. 

Field Success

abababTo test the prototype's use outside of an office environment, Paula Kalmeta, an Ergonomics Project Manager, tested the piece in the field and found instant success. Employees from across industries were able to immediately understand and visually see how their daily work was impacted by potential strains based on their workstations.

This success, along with other similar tests, prompted the team to move forward with finalizing the prototype so it could be easily reused, transported, and placed anywhere. Put into production and quickly produced, the resource entered into the array of tools that providers could access to solve everyday problems in the workplace. 

Future Horizons

As the Reach Mat continues to evolve, its use cases are expected to grow. The positive feedback and practical applications suggest a bright future for this innovative creation. Fostering employee action to create and establish solutions like the Reach Mat is incredibly important for growth. Providers who were on the ground and in action every day identified a problem and needed a solution. When a small team was able to step up and act they created a solution that could be used by those providers, and every other employee in the company.

The Reach Mat stands as a testament to the power of employee innovation. What started as a simple request from one provider has now become a practical solution with a growing demand across various sectors. The journey from a piece of paper to a tangible product showcases the determination and creativity that can drive workplace innovation. The Reach Mat isn't just another tool. It is a showcase of how an idea can be fostered in the workplace with time and passion from providers who want to make that difference. 

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