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Briotix Health and National Ergonomics Month are creating healthier workplaces and reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.

The origins of ergonomics can be traced to many points throughout history. From Greek backrests in 400 BC, medical journals in the 1700s, the coining of the term in the late 1800s, all the way to the popularization of the study approaching the 21st century. In 2003, the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) introduced National Ergonomics Month (NEM), occurring every October to raise the case for ergonomics awareness.

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What is National Ergonomics Month?

The month of October is dedicated to the furthering of knowledge surrounding ergonomics and human factors in the workplace. Creating healthier workplaces and workstations to be sure that every employee is working at their best without discomfort is key.

Everyone can get involved with ergonomics! You don’t have to be a manager or buy anything to start feeling better either. By incorporating ergonomic principles into your everyday work you can increase your well-being and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

Musculoskeletal disorders are different from other injuries that might occur in the workplace as they don’t come from one sudden incident. While a slip or a collision might cause noticeable discomfort right away MSDs occur from sustained exertion or overexertion that puts the body into unnatural positions. Excessive twisting, manipulation of heavy objects, and other actions that may not seem to be a cause for alarm can add up to cause serious long-term discomforts.

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Awareness of the causes of injuries like these, and that they can happen to anyone, is a primary goal. Spreading the solutions to these problems, like ergonomic principles, stretching, and other similar actions is the primary goal this October.

National Ergonomics Month and Briotix Health

Briotix Health and HFES, the organization behind National Ergonomics Months are connected in their pursuits this October. Dedicated to the delivery of ergonomic results through effective, science-based, and practical injury prevention services and technology, Briotix Health is committed to the same ideals as NEM.

Ergonomic principles guide our efforts in occupational health, reducing risk factors, and making a safer, healthier work environment. These shared goals of providing valuable information on musculoskeletal disorders and ergonomic programs, raising awareness around office and workplace ergonomics, and promoting the professional development of ergonomic experts and providers in the field are the basis behind what NEM is all about.

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The advancement of the science, application, and profession of ergonomics in the workspace is essential to NEM. The accessibility of ergonomic programs and knowledge of musculoskeletal disorders is only a benefit to workplace safety as a whole. NEM has grown to become an opportunity for ergonomists, human factors and user experience professionals to promote science, practice and value to corporate executives, students, and the general public by providing information and services to our communities.

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Where To Look Next

This National Ergonomic Month consider the place of ergonomics in your workplace. OSHA can be a good place to start learning about the basics of ergonomics! If you are interested in learning more about wellness, the advancement of safety, or ergonomic risk in the workplace check out these resources from the team behind National Ergonomics Month and Briotix Health check out these articles:

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