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Talking about Walking: Movements to Make Your Workday

Get tips on integrating exercises, using stretching for wellness, and implementing workplace initiatives.

Between meetings, frequent projects and other workday tasks, it is easy to find yourself stuck at your desk for hours on end. Getting stuck in this sedentary work style takes a toll though. With physical and mental impacts, finding the time for movement in the workday is essential.

Recognizing the need for routine and deliberate movement is vital to the well-being of every employee. Introducing light exercise and movement into the workplace can not only contribute to better physical health but also enhance mental alertness and overall job satisfaction.

In this blog we will explore how to implement movement into your workday, identify the benefits of movement, and provide six simple yet effective movements that can be seamlessly integrated into our daily office routine.

Tips for Incorporating Exercises into Your Workday

When you first start incorporating stretching and exercises into your workday it can be difficult to know when a natural time to do them is. One of the most practical approaches to ensure regular movement is to schedule short exercise breaks throughout the day. Acting as a physical relief, and also a mental break, attempting to take a short 5 minute break at the top of each hour is a great place to start.

Setting reminders is a simple yet effective way to prompt yourself to take those crucial breaks. Use your calendar or find an app that works for you. Even the alarm on your phone can be an effective tool! Consider choosing a buddy to partner up with during these breaks to keep each other on track and staying productive.

woman doing stretches while sitting at computer desk

Management also plays a pivotal role in encouraging office-wide participation in an active workplace. By integrating movement into meetings and workdays, leadership can set the tone for a healthier, more vibrant work environment.

Every worker is different. The value of movement comes from participation, and everyone participates in a different way! Make sure any programs you implement are inclusive of all your coworkers and their abilities.

Value of Movement on Fitness

The correlation between physical activity and increased productivity is well-established. The American Journal of Health Promotion recently re-affirmed this with a study published from their editors desk citing the increase in overall well-being with increased physical fitness. “Physical activity and physical fitness benefit employees’ health and well-being in a myriad of ways – including improved mental health, 1 increased energy… and other leading risk factors” (Whitsel, Ablah, and Richards). 

The introduction of deliberate movement plays a major role in increasing fitness. Encouraging employees to take short walks, practice mindfulness, or perform simple exercises, can significantly contribute to a more productive workday and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders stemming from inactivity.

Man doing stretching excersises at home on yoga mat - small

The advent of wearable technology has revolutionized how we monitor our fitness levels. While in the world of ergonomics, wearable technology can come with sensors, advanced computer vision, and more, many people carry a wearable device with them every day that can help in this department.

Devices like smartwatches and fitness trackers not only keep track of steps and calories but also serve as helpful reminders to stay active. Encouraging use of these devices in the workplace, or allocating funds for their purchase can be a way to keep employees engaged year-round in the progress of their wellness journey. And, if nothing else, there is always a pen and paper!

Workplace initiatives that proactively encourage physical activity can bring an office closer together. This can include organizing group walks during breaks or even conducting fitness challenges. These initiatives contribute to improved physical health, and its many benefits, and foster a greater teamwork and accountability among colleagues.

Quick Office Workouts

With all these benefits and opportunities for a movement cycle, the next step is establishing an actual workout. Our office resource bundle - linked below - includes two routines to incorporate stretching and light exercises into your workday at the office or at home.

These 5-minute microbreak routines can help defend against musculoskeletal disorders by keeping your body active and alert.

Our “5 Minute Stretch” guide can be performed in one short time or broken apart for it’s individual pieces. Follow along with the infographic for an easy step-by-step walkthrough of a movement routine anyone can attempt.

If you want different movements you can incorporate throughout the day, the “5 Minute Microbreak” is for you. Also able to be performed in a 5 minute end of hour break, adopting each of the movements into your daily routine can help defend against musculoskeletal disorders by keeping your body active and alert.

Cycling through the six easy movements provides a structured approach to office workouts. This cycle ensures that different muscle groups are targeted, promoting overall body fitness. Whether performed sequentially or customized based on personal preferences, the variety of movements offers a versatile workout routine. 

Beyond the physical benefits, incorporating movement into your workday contributes to achieving a healthy work-life balance. Prioritizing well-being not only enhances job satisfaction but can also contribute to team cohesion and productivity.

The journey to a more active workday begins with small, consistent changes. By adopting the tips and exercises discussed, you're not just enhancing your physical health but also taking a proactive step towards a more fulfilling and energized professional life. Remember, it's the small changes that lead to significant transformations.

For more information on the benefits of workplace wellness, contact us at Briotix Health and speak with a solutions advisor. Find out the next steps to move your company into the future of health.



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