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The Importance of Proper Sleep Position

Posted by Team Briotix – March 25, 2021
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Do you wake up feeling achy or sore? If so, that uncomfortable feeling could be related to how you are sleeping at night. Most people know that good posture is important when sitting or standing but good posture doesn’t just apply during your waking hours. Optimal sleep posture can help muscles and ligaments in the back relax and heal themselves.

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Sleeping Position Postures

To protect your back and rest in proper posture, check out these tips on sleeping positions to make sure you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day:

back sleeping

Back Sleeping

  • Easiest on your spine
  • If uncomfortable, try adding a pillow underneath your knees to ease low back tension
  • Choose a supportive pillow or add a towel roll beneath the neck to support the space between the base of the skull and the top of the shoulders

Side Sleepingside sleeping

  • Make sure to keep your head in a neutral position with your chin straight ahead
  • Place a pillow between your legs to reduce stress on the knees and hips
  • It may be helpful in eliminating snoring
  • Sleeping on your right side can help reduce heartburn and acid reflux

Stomach Sleepingstomach sleeping

  • Causes you to turn your head in one direction
  • Try to avoid always facing the same way
  • Place a pillow underneath your lower belly to improve spinal alignment and reduce back discomfort

Supporting Your "S" Curve


Every individual is different and finds comfort in different sleeping positions. What is important is that whichever way you are sleeping, the three natural curves of your spine are supported. This will help to ensure what you are doing works for your body and gives you the comfortable sleep you need for a discomfort-free day.