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Briotix Health at AgSafe Activate 19

Posted by Team Briotix – February 26, 2019
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Are you attending the AgSafe Activate 19 conference this week? If so, don't miss Kelson Wann, Industrial Sports Medicine Professional and Solutions Advisor, as he presents A New Perspective on Employee Wellness on Wednesday, February 27 at 2:30 p.m. 



During the presentation, Kelson will highlight new innovations in employee wellness focusing on early discomfort management. Attendees will learn how implementing a comprehensive musculoskeletal wellness program can lead to improved employee health, engagement, and productivity while reducing workers' compensation costs. 


“Most business owners in the Agricultural Industry don’t realize that their employees are 100 times greater to suffer a musculoskeletal injury when compared to suggested industrial targets,” said Wann. “Additionally, in 2017 alone there were more than 540,000 MSD injuries with days away from work reported to the Department of Labor. We know through research these types of injuries are completely preventable. I’m excited to help business owners understand how they can proactively reduce the risk of these injuries to improve employee wellness and lower the number of workers’ comp claims.”

Conference attendees are encouraged to visit Kelson and the rest of the Briotix Health team in the vendor area to learn about how Briotix Health’s Industrial Sports Medicine™ tools leverage early discomfort management solutions in a purposeful way to reduce the individual and organizational costs of musculoskeletal disorders.