Briotix Health joins 100+ Companies in MSD Pledge

Briotix Health has joined more than 100 companies in signing the National Safety Council's MSD Pledge.

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the most common workplace injury, impacting both employee wellbeing and business efficiencies – and the world’s top employers are taking action.

In early August, Briotix Health joined more than 100 other industry-leading companies in a pledge to combat rising MSDs in the workplace.


The MSD Pledge was developed by the National Safety Council’s MSD Solutions Lab, a groundbreaking initiative established in 2021 with a mission to prevent MSDs by engaging key stakeholders, conducting research, and sharing innovative solutions to benefit all workplaces and workers. In total, the more than 100 MSD Pledge members represent over 2.6 million employees across every major global continent.

By signing the pledge, Briotix Health has committed to:

  • Analyze the causes of MSD injuries and invest in solutions and practices to reduce risk to our team members.
  • Leverage innovations and share what we learn to improve safety practices within our organization and the greater pledge community.
  • Build a culture of safety where everyone, at every level, is accountable for the safety and health of our team members.

MSD injuries can develop from daily job duties including repetitive motions, high force (like lifting heavy objects), or awkward postures. Suffering from MSDs impacts team member performance on the job and, more importantly, the ability to live life to the fullest. Because of this, the companies who have joined the pledge have also committed to collectively reducing MSD risk and injuries across the pledge community by 25% by 2025.

To join the MSD pledge, check out the NSC’s MSD Solutions Hub. To learn more about how Briotix Health can work with your company’s leadership to develop a comprehensive MSD reduction plan, contact us.

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