Agriculture Company Reduces Medical Costs by $2.4 Million with Injury Prevention Solution

World's largest tree nut processing farmer reduced medical costs by $2.4M in just five years with a Briotix Health solution.

The world’s largest tree nut processing company was suffering from rising medical costs due to overall increases in the number of medical referrals and lost time-injuries. On average, the company processes more than 260 million pounds of almonds annually and having workers who aren’t performing at their highest level due to injury or discomfort was significantly impacting their bottom line.

Servicing approximately 1,500 employees, Briotix Health joined the company’s overall health and safety program with onsite Industrial Sports Medicine (ISM) services to address the ballooning medical costs.


A Comprehensive Approach to Reduce Medical Referrals

After analyzing the company's referral data, Briotix Health developed a comprehensive ISM program that included onsite physical therapy, early discomfort management, and ergonomic risk assessments.

Onsite Physical Therapy

Conventional physical therapy treatments including manual therapy, functional-based therapeutic exercise, and appropriate modalities were offered to employees at their individual workstations. These therapies were coupled with task-specific rehab activities including body mechanics education and job coaching.

Early Discomfort Management

Work behavior and task modification services were designed and implemented to address employee symptoms at their earliest stage while at the same time identifying and eliminating the root cause of their systems.

Ergonomic Risk Assessments

Comprehensive ergonomic assessments of both the manufacturing/materials handling operations and administrative staff were conducted to identify moderate and high-risk factors for ergonomic injury. Recommendations to address those factors were then provided and implemented.

Results Show Significant Reduction in Medical Expenses

Over the course of five years, the company experienced a significant reduction in overall medical referrals and lost-time injuries while saving $2.4 million in medical expenses.

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