It's as Easy as PIES - Reducing Lost-Time Injuries and Improving Employee Health

Learn more about how one manufacturing company reduced lost-time MSD injuries by 100% in just one year.

From 2012-2016, one heavy manufacturing company began experiencing a high work-related musculoskeletal injury rate. During this four year window, ergonomic injuries represented 35% of the company's lost work days. As the trend continued, management's concern grew as the out-of-work time impacted employee morale and the company’s bottom line.


Finding an Injury Reduction Solution

After researching several options, the company's management team decided the Briotix Health comprehensive Industrial Sports Medicine™ solution should be implemented. A customized program, better known as PIES, was designed based on the specific needs of the company's employees. The program offered a four-part approach to address team members' musculoskeletal injuries - PREVENTION, INTERVENTION, ENGAGEMENT, and SOLUTIONS.


Ergonomic assessments were performed throughout the plant to identify tasks with high ergonomic risk. Initiatives were then designed to specifically target these high-risk tasks.


Early discomfort management services were implemented emphasizing early detection of discomfort and physical strain. These tactics included onsite physical therapy, stretching, coaching, and education.


A robust safety concern and improvement suggestion system was rolled out to empower employees to voice their concerns about risks and provide ideas for ergonomic improvements.


Engineering solutions were implemented to reduce the strain and repetitiveness required from certain job-related tasks. Devices included lift assist equipment, adjustable work stations, and process changes.

Results Show Significant Improvement in Employee Health

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Using the comprehensive approach, the company experienced a dramatic result which significantly improved employee health. Within one year of the PIES program being implemented, there was a 100% reduction in lost-time musculoskeletal injuries. In the second year of the program, the results continued with zero lost-time musculoskeletal injuries for a total cost avoidance of more than $524,000. 

Learn More about Ergonomic Injury Prevention

To learn more about how an Industrial Sports Medicine solution can be customized to your workers to improve employee health and reduce the risk of injuries, contact Briotix Health. 


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