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The Briotix Health Difference - Industrial Sports Medicine

Posted by Team Briotix – October 19, 2021
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There are many pieces to managing your employees’ musculoskeletal health. Those individual pieces become critical elements to a successful injury prevention program. Choosing the right injury prevention provider that understands the unique elements required for your organization’s success not only makes or breaks the success of your program but also has significant implications for your employees’ health.

What makes Briotix Health’s Industrial Sports Medicine  (ISM) solution different from other injury prevention programs?

For more than 25 years, Briotix Health has helped companies build a healthier workplace and care for their employees through tailored injury prevention solutions. We excel at creating those critical elements that are necessary to achieve a successful injury prevention program and accomplish your organization’s goals. Why? Because those elements are woven into the fabric of who we are and what we do.

Best-in-Class Providers

care2Finding an Industrial Sports Medicine Professional  (ISMP) that is the right fit for your organization is step one in meeting your organization’s prevention goals. Our stringent recruitment process only qualifies a select few candidates because we insist on hiring professionals with the right combination of experience and personality to fit your company culture and unique needs. Once hired, our ISMPs continuously undergo rigorous professional development. Also, Briotix Health has built a culture focused on retention and satisfaction that minimizes turnover while upholding our commitment to the highest quality care.  

Layered Support with Industry-Leading Expertise

Your organization will have access to our tiered Industrial Sports Medicine  team with support for your program being delivered by multiple layers of people. Your ISM team is assembled to ensure your program flourishes and achieves your organizational goals.

Immediate Results with Comprehensive Program Management

Our QuickLaunch program rapidly delivers results through a comprehensive program rollout starting the moment that you choose Briotix Health. We include immediate onsite support, personalized materials, and program development steps that meet your company’s timeline to accelerate and optimize your program’s outcomes.

Nurse Triage Program

If your employee suffers an on-the-job injury, Briotix Health’s nurse triage program will connect him or her with immediate care from a medical professional who will assess their injury within moments of it occurring. This access to timely medical care helps expedite worker recovery and prevent costly workers’ compensation claims.

Prosystems-1PRO Systems – More than Just a License

Our proprietary PRO Systems  systematizes personalized early discomfort management, individualized job coaching, physical conditioning, ergonomics, curriculum-based education, and timely health, safety, and ergonomics periodicals. Our PRO Systems  makes our prevention reproducible to drive results across your workforce.

Virtualization of Services

Regardless of employee location, shift time, or job function, we deliver personalized care with our in-person and virtual services. Employees have 24/7 access to report discomforts, complete trainings, and learn from self-help resources through our Briotix.Works portal, Briotix Health app, as well as telephonic nurse triage.

Access to Real-Time Reporting & Continuous Program Improvement

Program transparency is a key to your success. Briotix provides access to real-time program metrics and KPI reporting, holding us accountable for program outcomes and allowing for data-driven decision-making. Your Briotix Health program and reporting evolve with you. In partnership with you, we monitor your program to assess how to optimize outcomes.

A Tailored Approach


None of our clients fit the same mold.   Your business is one-of-a-kind with unique needs and unique employees. We take the time to get to know both your work and your workers to develop a comprehensive and focused program that is designed to meet your organization’s goals. We use our systematized approach to ensure consistent quality. But program elements, delivery methods, reporting tools, “fit” of our professionals, and results-driven management are all uniquely designed for you, our client.

A Company with Financial Strength

Briotix Health is partnered with United States Physical Therapy, one of the largest publicly traded operators of outpatient physical and occupational therapy clinics in the United States. Our financial stability provides the confidence our clients require to do business. We have a proven track record of staying power ensuring a solid partnership now and into the future.

When you combine all of these unique differentiators, you complete the picture of how to build a successful Industrial Sports Medicine  program. With Briotix Health, we bring an ISM team filled with expertise, experience, and the ability to effectively assemble your elements to care for your workers and restore your workforce's health.

Contact us today to speak with one of our Solutions Advisors and learn how we can help your organization reach its safety goals. 

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