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When Can Carpal Tunnel Be Considered Work-Related?

Team Briotix – August 23, 2018

Carpal tunnel is one of the most common repetitive stress injuries facing workers today, with the CDC reporting an average of about 900,000 new cases in the US annually. In some cases, carpal tunnel can be attributed to working conditions, opening up employers to compensation claims. However, as…

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Worker’s Compensation and the Affordable Care Act

Team Briotix – May 12, 2017

By Emma Castleberry

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Help! I Can't Get My Employees Back to Work!

Team Briotix – March 30, 2017

How Onsite Physical Therapists Reduce Employee Recovery Times

By Emma Castleberry

Accidents happen. Employees get injured or sick and often miss work as a result. Recovery takes time… and time is money. The longer your employees are off the job because of a recovery—especially if that recovery is…

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Why Are Physical Therapists a Popular Choice for Onsite Services?

Team Briotix – March 23, 2017

By Emma Castleberry

There are many benefits to having an on-site physical therapist, not least of which is a considerable reduction in workers’ compensation costs. Onsite physical therapists have unique experience and specific training that allows them to reduce the incidence rates and expense of…

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Part III - Strategic Injury Prevention Program Planning

Team Briotix – January 25, 2017

Part III- Measuring Long Term Impact

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Technology, Cyborgs and Workers Comp. - Oh My!

Sherri Burrell – October 21, 2016

In this week’s Health Wonk Review, there is an interesting blog on the increasing interest in utilization of exoskeletons in Workers’ Compensation, called "Cyborgs and Workers Comp" by Julie Ferguson.

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Strengthen Your Ergonomics, Safety and Wellness Programs With Briotix at ErgoExpo 2016

Team Briotix – October 14, 2016

Join us at ErgoExpo in Las Vegas this November where you'll gain cutting-edge strategies to help build or strengthen your ergonomics, safety and wellness programs,including experts from Briotix, sharing valuable information to make your workplace excel:

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State of Ergonomics Webinar Prompts WorkCompCentral Report

Team Briotix – August 29, 2016

Our joint webinar with Aon on the State of Ergonomics, key findings and solutions from an industry practice survey, was picked up by several news sites, including WorkCompCentral; a site dedicated to workers' compensation courses, news, education and resources. 

The article titled, "Survey Finds…

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What are the Best Benefits to Offer Millennial Employees?

Team Briotix – August 15, 2016

As leaders in ergonomics and injury prevention for global workforces, we enjoy the contrast in the workforce today – older employees are postponing retirement and working longer while younger employees, currently the Millennial generation, are an equally large force and have unique and differing…

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