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Clinical Solutions: Transforming Workplace Health Care and Wellness

From cost savings to personalized care and mental health support, discover the organizational and employee benefits of an onsite clinic.

As businesses strive to create healthier workspaces, onsite clinical solutions have evolved as a powerful tool to enhance employee well-being, increase productivity, and reduce healthcare costs. The value of a healthcare solution, staffed by clinicians who can form relationships with employees and the workplace, shines through in the quality and consistency of care. This article explores the benefits of clinical solutions for both organizations and employees, following the journey of a potential employee through various stages of their workplace experience.

The Benefits for Organizations

Reducing Costs

One of the most significant advantages for organizations implementing onsite clinical solutions is cost savings. By providing preventative and occupational health services directly at the workplace, companies can reduce the need for employees to leave the worksite, thus minimizing lost productivity. Additionally, onsite clinics can support the employee with wellness, and consultation, and can help reduce costs associated with worker’s compensation and workplace injuries.

Quality Care to Increased Productivity

Healthy employees are more productive. Onsite clinics help in the early detection and management of health issues, reducing the time employees spend away from work due to illness. Preventive care and wellness programs also contribute to lower absenteeism and improved overall employee health, leading to sustained productivity levels.

Staffing at onsite clinics can also be improved with healthcare providers who are familiar with the work environment, enhancing outcomes.

Enhanced Employee Retention and Recruitment

Quality-of-life offerings through onsite clinical solutions are a powerful tool for attracting and retaining top talent. They demonstrate a company’s commitment to employee health and well-being, making it an attractive benefit for potential hires. Current employees are also more likely to stay with an organization that prioritizes their health, leading to higher retention rates.

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Compliance and Risk Management

Onsite clinics play a crucial role in ensuring compliance with occupational health and safety regulations. They can conduct regular health and safety screenings, provide necessary vaccinations, monitor chronic conditions, and manage work-related injuries efficiently. This proactive approach helps in reducing the risk of workplace incidents and potential legal liabilities.

The Benefits for Employees

Convenient Access to Healthcare

One of the most immediate benefits for employees is the convenience of accessing healthcare services without leaving the workplace. Onsite clinics provide a range of services such as first-aid, episodic care, required employer testing such as hearing and respirator fittings, and access to experts to assist with ergonomics and MSD-related concerns making it easier for employees to prioritize their health. With healthcare needs for each worksite addressed with high-quality patient care, employees can be assured they are being cared for to the best of their employer's ability.

Personalized Care

Onsite clinics often offer more personalized care when added to existing healthcare options offered through the workplace. A care provider, familiar with your work conditions, can also communicate directly with other medical professionals to improve the quality of care. Employees can build relationships with onsite healthcare providers, who become familiar with their health history. Providing tailored advice, prevention, and treatment plans for an employee's worksite is also enhanced by providers who understand specifically what employees are experiencing. 

Preventive Health Services

Preventive care is a cornerstone of onsite clinical solutions. Regular health screenings, vaccinations, and wellness programs help employees stay ahead of potential health issues. These services not only create better health outcomes for the individual worker but also contribute to a healthier workforce overall.

Onsite providers also have access to biometric screenings, simple metrics like heart rate, blood pressure, and similar health points, taken when employees first begin employment to help monitor for potential injuries or health issues.

Mental Health Support

Many onsite clinics offer mental health services, including counseling and stress management programs. This support is crucial in today’s work environments, where stress and mental health issues are increasingly common. Easy access to mental health resources helps employees manage stress and maintain their well-being.

Employment with Onsite Clinical Solutions

So, what does employment look like for an employee whose company offers an onsite clinical solution? Let's follow the story of John Doe!

1. Post-Offer Screenings

Employment candidate, John Doe, has just submitted his application to the Company, applying to work as a material handler in the Company’s warehouse. Because of his relevant experience, John is offered the position. 

Prior to starting his position, the company requires John to pass a post-offer employment test to ensure he can meet the physical demands of the position. Thanks to the Company's onsite clinic, it can swiftly schedule John to complete his test without waiting on availability from an outside clinic, reducing his hiring timeline.

The onsite clinician coordinates with John on his availability and schedules his post-offer employment test at the employer’s onsite clinicJohn completes the test with a passing margin and begins his training. 

  • The Company has already experienced cost savings! Because they have a clinic onsite, they are able to perform screenings quickly and efficiently and reduce the risk of hiring a candidate who is not physically fit enough to perform the job tasks safely

2. New Hire Examinations

John, now a new employee at the Corporation, starts his journey with a comprehensive new hire examination at the onsite clinic. This initial health assessment provides a baseline for John’s future health monitoring. The examination includes a physical check-up, basic lab tests, and a review of his medical history. The onsite healthcare provider uses this information to inform John of any potential health-related risks that could arise in the future and provides easy reporting options for issues that do arise.

  • John has experienced a bit of the personalized care he can expect to receive with his onsite clinician. This healthcare professional will be just one of John’s points of contact while he works with the Company, but they ensure that he is heard and seen at every step.

3. Occupational Health Screenings

A few months into his job, John is scheduled for an occupational health screening. Tailored to his specific job role, these tests ensure he is not exposed to harmful conditions and to monitor for potential discomforts. The onsite clinic provides regular monitoring to detect any early signs of work-related health issues, helping John stay healthy and safe at work.

  • Early screening for discomforts and regular check-ups allow the onsite Clinician, the Company’s Safety Team, and John to collaborate and implement plans to stop them from developing into injuries or claims in the future. This keeps John healthy and working, reducing instances of lost work time.

4. Health and Wellness Programs

As part of the Company’s commitment to employee well-being, the onsite clinic offers various health and wellness programs. John participates in a patient education program on nutrition and healthy eating and a series of workshops on stress management. These research-based programs are prepared to support John’s overall well-being and to help him make healthier lifestyle choices. He also takes advantage of the onsite fitness classes and health coaching sessions.

  • Employee health and wellness programming heightens retention, keeping your skilled and knowledgeable workers around longer.

5. Injury Prevention Services

While working on a physically demanding project, John experiences some discomfort in his lower back. He visits the onsite clinic, where the healthcare provider, such as a Nurse (RN), Nurse Practitioner (NP), or Athletic Trainer, conducts an ergonomic assessment of his workstation and teaches him exercises to strengthen his back muscles. The clinic also offers regular workshops on injury prevention, covering topics such as proper lifting techniques and posture correction.

  • With states beginning to implement requirements for ergonomic injury prevention practices in workplaces, early implementation of these systems can be a benefit to employees and employers in regulation and in employee support.

6. Mental Health Support

During a particularly stressful period at work, John feels overwhelmed and anxious. He reaches out to the onsite clinician, where he receives counseling and stress management support. The onsite mental health provider helps John develop coping strategies and provides a safe space for him to discuss his concerns. This support helps John navigate his stress and maintain his mental well-being.

Onsite clinical solutions are transforming the way organizations approach employee health and well-being. By providing convenient access to healthcare services, personalized care, and a range of preventive and wellness programs, onsite clinics benefit both organizations and employees. Companies can enjoy cost savings, increased productivity, and enhanced employee retention, while employees benefit from improved health outcomes, convenient healthcare access, and comprehensive support for their physical and mental well-being.

As the workplace continues to evolve, onsite clinical solutions will play an increasingly important role in fostering a healthy, productive, and engaged workforce. For organizations looking to invest in their employees’ health and future success, onsite clinics offer a compelling and effective solution. Contact a Briotix Health Solutions Advisor about this opportunity today! 

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