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So you want to be an Industrial Athletic Trainer!

Find out the facts about athletic training in an industrial setting.

It's National Athletic Trainers Month and we want to say a big thank you to all of the wonderful athletic trainers (ATs) at Briotix Health! 

From 2021 to 2022, there were 2.2 million cases of full-time employees missing at least a day of work due to injury or illness. These employees lost earnings, time off, peace of mind, and their own time from an injury at their place of work. How do you come into the picture then? Learn how athletic trainers make a real difference for healthcare and injury prevention in the industrial setting!

What is Industrial Athletic Training?

Employees across industries from construction to transportation, and even in the office are living with discomfort right now. Whether it’s a sore neck, a straining back, or cramping hands, these subtle (or not-so-subtle) discomforts are the early warning signs of a potential injury.

Industrial athletic training takes a hands-on approach to injury prevention. Schooled in ergonomics, with a board-certified ATC in hand, these healthcare providers operate on-site or remotely to directly work with employees and improve their work performance.

Found in virtually every form of industry, industrial ATs play a crucial role in identifying and eliminating risk factors in the workplace. Athletic trainers are the direct contact with employees and these providers are able to quickly assess discomforts, come up with action plans, and improve the well-being of entire companies. All while reducing costs and increasing employee productivity.

Injuries from overexertion alone can cost upwards of $13 billion dollars a year, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). Early intervention from trained healthcare professionals can act as a stop gap between mistakes and musculoskeletal injuries.

The Industrial Athletic Trainer

Industrial athletic trainers have been found to decrease workplace injuries, time loss, and workdays by 50% (NATA). That’s right. Half! This amounts to an astronomical return on investment for companies across the country.

These healthcare professionals lead initiatives on injury management and prevention and provide much needed education on musculoskeletal disorders. A certified athletic trainer can instruct workers on body mechanics, reducing the chance of injury, while increasing that employees knowledge of their own body and helping with the physical demands of the job.

Recommendations given by industrial ATs must follow OSHA first aid self-management standards. They must be creative in delivering self-care management strategies and education, such as equipment fitting, recommendations, and PB fitting, all following OSHA recordables guidelines. Understanding those rules and regulations and still providing exceptional care is what really sets these incredible providers apart.

While you may not be working with professional athletes, the stakes are just as high!

Where do industrial athletic trainers work?

Industrial athletic trainers have a huge amount of control over their work environment! Depending on the athletic training program or ergonomic regiment the provider is overseeing they could be on-site, in a clinic, or providing remote support. Each comes with unique opportunities and obstacles to contend with.

  • On-Site Providers

    • Daily face-to-face time with employees enhancing relationships

    • Various workplaces and clients each with their own environment

    • Travel opportunities for those looking for them

  • Clinical Environment

    • Based in a central location

    • Different tools to help deal with employee discomforts

    • Wide variety of clients and employees

  • Remote

    • Work on your own schedule

    • Connect with employees from across the country

    • Provide immediate solutions whenever they’re needed

Benefits of the Industrial AT

While the upfront cost of bringing in a company to handle injury management and prevention at your company can be daunting, the benefits of just an athletic trainer alone are substantial.

In a study conducted by NATA it was found:

  • 80% of companies that employ athletic trainers see at least a $3 return on every $1 invested in athletic trainers. For some organizations those returns reached up to $7!

  • Companies surveyed reported that athletic trainers were able to directly decrease costs associated with workplace injuries by 50%!

Even with these incredible results, many companies can still be reticent to bring on experienced athletic trainers though. These sports medicine professionals and injury prevention specialists already possess the knowledge and skills to succeed but sparking employees to engage with their initiatives can be a major sticking point.

How often are employees actually experiencing these interactions? After surveying clients at Briotix Health we found that our athletic trainers and injury prevention specialists were able to have 3.34 unique encounters with employees EVERY hour. That’s employees experiencing care, learning new techniques, and reinforcing good habits, throughout their work.

Whether you are looking for injury prevention, educational resources, or new ways to understand metrics on health in the workplace, Briotix Health has the solution for you. Our providers are first-in-class and our support teams back every decision they make with certified professionals in their fields. Contact a Solution Advisor today to learn more.

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