Briotix Health's Response to Covid-19

Briotix Health's response to Covid-19 Pandemic.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Briotix Health will remain steadfastly committed to the musculoskeletal health of clients and Briotix Health Team Members.  We are in the process of extending this mission to include complementary services to organizations that are supporting the front-line effort to combat COVID-19 as well as those displaced to home work during the crisis. 


We recognize that we are in a unique position that enables us to support socially meaningful efforts to utilize our resources to help the population at large and individuals in organizations that are continuing to serve the public need.  For this reason, we are initializing the following:

  • For office-based employees that are now working from home as opposed to the office, we are offering our BxPro Virtual Office technology app free of charge.  If you or your employees wish to access this application that will help them set up their home offices correctly, understand and apply ergonomic risk prevention behaviors, and get access to informational resources on working safely from home, please click on the following link to register –  If you are interested in accessing home ergonomic coaching IN ADDITION to access to the application, we will provide access through our app.

  • Briotix Health has launched our Virtual Injury Prevention Service model throughout our client mix.  We are putting into place a plan to allow organizations on the front line battling the pandemic who are not currently Briotix Health clients.  This service model leverages our app, mobile health solutions, and our team of virtual injury prevention experts (industrial, field, and office) to consult individually with front line providers in the field, or at home to reduce musculoskeletal aches and pains via a “tele-prevention” model.  We are building access to this as a complimentary service to organizations that have providers on the front line combating the COVID-19 pandemic.  If you are a front line health care organization and would like to capitalize on this opportunity, please contact Briotix Health at

  • Briotix Health Team Members will continue to service our clients onsite as permitted by client site, organizational policies, and government recommendations.  We will be practicing social distancing by delivering services to maintain employee health while avoiding “hands-on” care.  Our “hands-off” approach has been the standard of care at roughly 60% of our onsite facilities even preceding this crisis and has proven as effective as the “hands-on” approach.  Once the pandemic subsides, we will return to the normal service provision procedures.

We anticipate continuing this effort as the pandemic response proceeds, but for no less than 30 days. If you have any questions, please contact us at COVID19RESPONSE@BRIOTIX.COM.   We look forward to partnering with you to invest in the health of our teams, organizations, and communities.

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