Early Ergonomic Intervention

To Record or Not to Record - Part II

As the employer, you are in a prime position to help your employees by offering help early when symptoms arise. You and the employee ultimately...

Early Ergonomic Intervention

To Record or Not to Record - Part I

When exercise is recommended for a musculoskeletal symptom, do you record it on your OSHA log? Part I: Early Intervention Saves Your Bottom Line

Return to Work

How Physical Therapy Expedites Return to Work

Time lost due to a worker's personal injury reduces productivity, costs money, and can negatively affect a worker's perception of his or her job and...

office ergonomics

Sitting vs Standing at Work - Which is Better?

We are a chair tethered society. We wake up, sit for breakfast, sit to drive to work, sit at work, sit and drive home, sit for dinner, sit on the...


Will You Be At Ergo Expo in Las Vegas?

We are just a few days away from Ergo Expo in Las Vegas and are so excited to be a part of this national conference on employee wellness and...

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