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BxPro Offers a Customizable, Comprehensive Solution for Employers through Briotix.Works

Posted by Team Briotix – December 04, 2017
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The Briotix.Works platform, part of Briotix BxPro solution, is a customizable and interactive platform that offers instant solutions for companies looking to meet the needs of their employers. Through this digital program, clients can offer their employees a one-stop-shop  for work-related injuries where they can find everything from a comprehensive self-assessment tool to on-going education related to musculoskeletal injuries.


Modifiable Content to Best Fit Your Needs

With Briotix.Works, employers can personalize their content to best fit the needs of their employees. The platform is flexible and readily available. The goal of the Briotix.Works platform is to address the needs of employers and their employees on the fly by giving them everything they need all at once.

Interactive Trainings and Self-Reporting

A key component to reducing work-place injuries is on-going education and training. Through Briotix.Works, our professional team of Ergonomists offer interactive trainings and assessments which can be delivered whenever requested by an employee. There is no more having the wait to schedule a time for support.

Cost-Efficient Reporting

Included in Briotix.Works is a number of valuable reports that can be reviewed by both Briotix Ergonomists and company managers. Two of the most often consulted reports include:

  • Cost-Effectiveness Report: Helps companies assess the services being offered by Briotix to ensure we are best meeting the company’s needs.
  • Discomfort Assessment Request Report: Indicates the overall effectiveness of Briotix training and allows managers to track which departments may need additional support.

Comprehensive Documentation

One of the major ways Briotix.Works can save employers money is with our time-saving documentation process. In the customized platform, every interaction between an employee and a Briotix consultant is documented quickly, which not only saves employers money but also provides critical information down the road. With complete documentation, our professional Ergonomists can best determine a intervention plan for employees. Additionally, if a lost time injury occurs, documentation ensures the company has the right tools in place when the employee returns to reduce the risk of the injury occurring again.

Contact Us to Learn More about BxPro

Having all of the tools your company needs to reduce the risk of work-place injuries is key to saving time and money. With BxPro, you get all the tools you want in one place. Our customizable Briotix.Works platform will address your needs quickly and efficiently. To learn more about our interactive, digital platform, contact us today.

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