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State of Ergonomics Webinar Prompts WorkCompCentral Report

New survey results on Ergonomic Programs yield surprising results and have significant implications for the future of injuries in the workplace.

Satefy_Management_Survey_REsults.pngOur joint webinar with Aon on the State of Ergonomics, key findings and solutions from an industry practice survey, was picked up by several news sites, including WorkCompCentral; a site dedicated to workers' compensation courses, news, education and resources. 

The article titled, "Survey Finds Employers Are Missing Out on Savings Through Proactive Ergonomics Programs," by J. Todd Foster, explores the findings and discussions that happened during our one hour webinar last week as well as additional interviews with Scott Smith, Director of Ergonomics at Aon and Rick Spencer, Head of Prevention and Optimization here at Briotix.  Below is an excerpt from the article:

“Losses from ergonomic-related injuries will differ depending on many factors like size of the organization, geographic location, type of exposure and even age and tenure of their current employees,” said Scott Smith, Aon director of ergonomics practice.

“Using Aon’s data analytics process, it is not uncommon to see ergonomic losses in the millions per year,” he said. “Based on over 317 data analytics analyses performed, the average cost of an ergonomics claim is approximately $15,500 across about 14 industry types. So, if you had 100 injuries in one year, that could easily be over $1 million in losses.”

The article covers many additional highlights including:

The survey found that by far, the injuries of greatest concern were back ailments and hand/wrist injuries.

To reduce the number of carpal tunnel syndrome cases, for example, employers can teach workers how to avoid using the computer mouse and use keyboard shortcuts instead, Spencer said.

Employers are encouraged to survey their workers confidentially on ergonomics through Briotix’s BxEdge program, which assesses their team experiences, work environments, health baselines, their specific jobs, their day-to-day physical activities and whether they experience daily discomfort. is a paid news service.  Access to the full article can be found here.  You can purchase the article but you can also register for a seven day free trial on their site.

We invite you to watch the recorded version of this webinar and download the full 2015 Safety Management Function: Current State of Ergonomics Programs survey, at no charge, by visiting our webinar page here.


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