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Briotix Offers Flexibility and Adaptability to our Food and Beverage Clients

Team Briotix – March 30, 2018

Given the manufacturing working environment of the food and beverage industry, there are significant risks present due to the physical nature of the work. The highly repetitive tasks required of employees create ample opportunity for discomfort and overuse injuries. It is because of this risk…

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Why all Food and Beverage Companies Should Adopt Early Musculoskeletal Injury Interventions

Team Briotix – March 21, 2018

Did you know that 47% of the workforce consists of aging Baby Boomers? Or that 79% of workers are considered sedentary and participate in inadequate daily exercise? Due to these and other relevant statistics, many companies are realizing the importance of addressing employee health and safety…

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For the Food and Beverage Industry, Investing In Employee Health Makes Good Business Sense

Team Briotix – March 15, 2018

For many companies in the food and beverage industry, employees are valued as the company’s most important asset. But beneath that simple statement, lie a plethora of questions. If your workforce is your most important asset, are you regularly investing in it? Companies readily invest in…

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