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Why all Food and Beverage Companies Should Adopt Early Musculoskeletal Injury Interventions

Posted by Team Briotix – March 21, 2018
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Did you know that 47% of the workforce consists of aging Baby Boomers? Or that 79% of workers are considered sedentary and participate in inadequate daily exercise? Due to these and other relevant statistics, many companies are realizing the importance of addressing employee health and safety issues with proactive preventative measures.

For many companies, addressing an aging and sedentary workforce means the development of a detailed musculoskeletal injury prevention plan which includes early intervention ergonomic practices. In the food and beverage industry, when you combine the aging and non-active nature of many in the workforce and the physical requirements of the work, implementing preventative measures is a necessity to reduce the significant risk to employees.

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Reduced Costs and Claims

Making the decision to invest in proactive preventative measures have made a big impact not only on employee health but also on their own bottom line. Research has shown that companies who have invested in the implementation of a dynamic program have demonstrated a significant return on investment including reduced worker claim costs, increased productivity, and lower turnover.

Briotix has had substantial success in helping clients in the food and beverage industry when it comes to reducing employee claims and lower claim costs. This success is detailed in the charts below.

Individual Food and Beverage Company Change Since Working With Briotix

Average Strain & Sprain
Claim Cost

Total Strain & Sprain
Claim Cost
Early Intervention
Screen Resolution
Potential Claim Avoidance
via Early Intervention Screens
Net Savings Over Five Years 60%

Savings Compared to base per
$1 of prevention spend in 2010



Success with Food and Beverage Clients From 2010-2013

Claim costs pre-program average $554,810.03
Briotix Services Implemented
Claim costs year one $226,847.81
Claim costs year two $183,393.44
Claim costs year three (annualized) $40,593.82

Total reduction in claim costs 

Prevention services charge by Briotix  $157,170.00
Net savings year one $267,512.22
Net savings year two $323,056.59
Net savings year three (annualized) $465,856.21


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With the manufacturing environment of the food and beverage industry, the opportunities for employee discomfort are plentiful. Implementing a musculoskeletal injury prevention plan with proactive preventative measures has shown to not only improve employee well-being but also save companies money. To learn more about Britoix’s services, contact us today. Give us a call or complete the online request form.

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