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Three KPI Reports You Didn’t Know You Needed

Team Briotix – December 28, 2017

Briotix.Works, the online workflow platform from Briotix, was built to help business’ improve effectiveness in addressing individual employee needs. Based on input data, Briotix.Works allows managers to make real-time decisions based on real-time data. And with its fully-customizable interface, the…

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Cost-Effective Documentation with Briotix.Works

Team Briotix – December 21, 2017

When Briotix.Works was launched in 2015, it was designed to provide an online solution for the unique needs of our customers. This fully-customizable workflow management platform has not only helped improve employee health outcomes, but has also allowed management to make real-time, data-driven…

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Making Data-Driven Decisions with Briotix.Works

Team Briotix – December 15, 2017

Briotix.Works, the online workflow optimization platform offered by Briotix, first launched in October 2015. Designed to handle the unique complexity of our individual clients, Briotix.Works fills a need in the marketplace to instantly provide employers and employees support.

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Address Employee Needs Instantly With Briotix.Works

Team Briotix – December 09, 2017

In 2015, Briotix saw a great need in the marketplace. Having heard time and time again from clients that they wanted an online version of the services offered by Briotix, the company set out to create an industry-leading workflow platform that would improve worker health outcomes and optimize…

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