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11 Injury Prevention Exercises You Can Do At Work

Team Briotix – August 25, 2018

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) are common and costly in the workplace. According to the Department of Labor Statistics, nearly 40% of all loss-time injuries are MSDs and cost roughly $50 billion a year for US companies. While those numbers may be staggering, there is good news when it comes to…

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When Can Carpal Tunnel Be Considered Work-Related?

Team Briotix – August 23, 2018

Carpal tunnel is one of the most common repetitive stress injuries facing workers today, with the CDC reporting an average of about 900,000 new cases in the US annually. In some cases, carpal tunnel can be attributed to working conditions, opening up employers to compensation claims. However, as…

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Don't Miss Our 2018 ErgoExpo Presentations

Team Briotix – August 20, 2018
 Matt Marino, Lead Ergonomist at Briotix Health and Julie Landis, Vice President of Business Development will be speaking this week at ErgoExpo in Las Vegas. If you are attending, don't miss these two presentations:
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Briotix Housekeeping MIPP Checklist Featured by California Hotel and Lodging Association

Team Briotix – August 03, 2018

Briotix was recently featured in the July California Hotel and Lodging Association newsletter, contributing a content article and comprehensive checklist for hotel properties needing to comply with the state’s new Housekeeping Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Program OSHA standard.

The article…

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What Is the Average Cost of an Ergonomic Assessment?

Team Briotix – August 02, 2018

Workplace injuries can create a cascade of problems for your workers and your company, but many of them are easily avoidable with if you take the right precautions early on. An ergonomic assessment can help to identify occupational hazards facing your workers and can be used to develop effective…

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Free Cal-OSHA Compliance Webinar Download

Team Briotix – July 30, 2018

As of July 1, 2018, California’s Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHA) Board requires all hospitality companies (hotels and motels) to develop and implement a comprehensive Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Plan (MIPP) for their housekeeping department. 

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Understanding the Requirements of the Cal-OSHA Housekeeping MIPP Standard - A free, 60-Minute Webinar

Team Briotix – July 16, 2018
Briotix will host a free, 60-minute webinar on July 24th at 10 a.m. to review the newly enacted California OSHA Housekeeping MIPP Standard.
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Busting the Myth of Work-Life Balance

Kayla Baron, ATC – July 16, 2018

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with work or at home? How about both?

If you answered yes to either statement, you are not alone. According to Mental Health America, 1 in 4 adults described themselves as “super stressed”. The root cause of that stress has been linked to constant exposure to…

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The Most Common Mistakes Runners Make: Are You Wasting Your Time on that Jog?

Michelle Buechner – July 09, 2018

Running can be a touchy subject:  you either love it or hate it.  Maybe you’d like to improve your speed or distance, maybe you just want to be able to run for a minute straight without stopping! Whatever level of experience you have as a runner, valuable information should be utilized so that…

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5 Common Ergonomic Problems and Solutions

Team Briotix – June 27, 2018

Estimates suggest that US companies spend more than $20 billion each year in workers’ compensation claims resulting from musculoskeletal injuries. When you factor in employee replacement, loss of productivity, and increased insurance premiums, that cost more than doubles. The good news is with…

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