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Footwear that Works

Kyle Johnson, ATC – October 17, 2018

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is mandatory in all industrial work environments. Hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, and harnesses are vital in protecting workers from accidents and injuries in any industrial or construction operation. Each employer has their own rules and regulations on the…

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The Future of the Workplace

Team Briotix – April 18, 2017
Humans have always worked.  Historically we began as craftsmen and farmers, frequently self-employed and based in the home.  In the industrial age this changed as people became low skilled laborers, employed by factories or offices.  In the modern era of the 20 th century, we saw increasingly…
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Implementing Diabetes Prevention Programs in the Workplace

Team Briotix – April 08, 2017

Diabetes is becoming an epidemic in the US.  Type 2 diabetes (T2DM) costs $176 billion each year in medical expenses and an additional $69 billion in indirect costs due to absenteeism, post productivity, and disability [1].  Employers bear much of this financial burden.  Because of the high…

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Workplace Wellness Trivia

Team Briotix – March 14, 2017

We are celebrating 20 years of business is workplace wellness.  This year we are looking back and looking forward to the workplace, trends and changes (also a few predictions).  What was the workplace like 20+ years ago and what might it be like in the future? 

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Workplace Wellness – A Team Approach to Achieve Success

Team Briotix – December 07, 2016

by Bryce Davis, Performance Manager at Briotix

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