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Massage Therapy in the Workplace

Team Briotix – May 23, 2017
Employee wellness programs can take a variety of forms.  Some may incentivize healthy behaviors, while others provide the physical space to engage in healthy behaviors.  Other programs are quite specific such as massage therapy.  Offering massage therapy to employees is one area that has been…
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Onsite Physical Therapy & Injury Prevention Continues to Grow

Team Briotix – May 19, 2017

Briotix successfully landed another global contract for multi location, onsite physical therapy and injury prevention services.  Onsite injury prevention continues to grow in popularity as companies recongize the value and cost savings when focusing on injury prevention and employee wellness. 

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Best Practices on Injury Prevention Global 2000 Survey Launched

Team Briotix – May 17, 2017

Briotix has launched a survey to identify the best practices in Injury Prevention.  This survey will provide valuable information to inform industry as to best practices around managing musculoskeletal prevention and condition management.   This survey is open to Forbes 1000 companies and will…

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Worker’s Compensation and the Affordable Care Act

Team Briotix – May 12, 2017

By Emma Castleberry

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Briotix in Action

Team Briotix – May 03, 2017

ErgoFit is a fully customizable program that Briotix has crafted to address the many needs of employers in injury prevention and employee wellness.  One business that went through the implementation of ErgoFit is Amgen, one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies.  Like many businesses in…

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The Future of the Workplace

Team Briotix – April 18, 2017
Humans have always worked.  Historically we began as craftsmen and farmers, frequently self-employed and based in the home.  In the industrial age this changed as people became low skilled laborers, employed by factories or offices.  In the modern era of the 20 th century, we saw increasingly…
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Diabetes Prevention Programs in the Workplace

Team Briotix – April 08, 2017

Diabetes is becoming an epidemic in the US.  Type 2 diabetes (T2DM) costs $176 billion each year in medical expenses and an additional $69 billion in indirect costs due to absenteeism, post productivity, and disability [1].  Employers bear much of this financial burden.  Because of the high…

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Help! I Can't Get My Employees Back to Work!

Team Briotix – March 30, 2017

How Onsite Physical Therapists Reduce Employee Recovery Times

By Emma Castleberry

Accidents happen. Employees get injured or sick and often miss work as a result. Recovery takes time… and time is money. The longer your employees are off the job because of a recovery—especially if that recovery…

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Exploring Alternative Return to Work Strategies

Bob Patterson MPT, CAE – March 27, 2017

We presented at the IBI Forum, introducing on-site return to work resources to supplement employer return to work programs.  An initial pilot program has seen significant reduction in disability durations, containing costs and optimizing employees' engagement.  

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Why Are Physical Therapists a Popular Choice for Onsite Services?

Team Briotix – March 23, 2017

By Emma Castleberry

There are many benefits to having an on-site physical therapist, not least of which is a considerable reduction in workers’ compensation costs. Onsite physical therapists have unique experience and specific training that allows them to reduce the incidence rates and expense…

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