What are the Best Benefits to Offer Millennial Employees?

Read some of the employee benefits millennials love and how ergonomics and workplace safety are incorporated into these benefits.

As leaders in ergonomics and injury prevention for global workforces, we enjoy the contrast in the workforce today – older employees are postponing retirement and working longer while younger employees, currently the Millennial generation, are an equally large force and have unique and differing views on work and life. 

4 Top Employee Benefits Millennials Love

Some of the perks both workforces want are similar and some unique, we took this workplace list on employee benefits for millennials and showed how ergonomics and workplace safety are incorporated into these benefits:

1. Less Restrictive Time Off 

When an employer gives employees more time off, or control over their time off, employees (young and older) find this to be a great perk – anywhere that you can give someone control over an employee's life, you “Win Their Day” and make them happier and more productive employees, which results in more self care and ultimately less injuries.

2. Flexible Hours and Telecommuting 

We find more flexible hours and work from home solutions taking place as a workforce solution and employee benefit. As ergonomic and injury prevention partners, our technology based training and virtual assessments help keep organizations connected to their workforce and healthier.

3. Performance Assessments 

Millennials want feedback and therefore regular assessments and opportunities to grow are a must. In health and safety, they also like feedback on their work habits.  Our workplace environment and heath assessments give them  personal feedback, while giving their employer aggregate feedback on the health and safety of their workforce, so they can make data driven decisions.

4. Wellness Programs 

Millennials want holistic approaches to their wellness as an employee benefit, such as stress management, stretching and other perks. This is an amazing opportunity for organizations to keep their workforce engaged and healthy.  We have found our stretching programs, onsite physical therapists and virtual break reminders to be well received among this age group.

For us, as an organization in the business of keeping your workforce healthy and injury free, this information is used in providing solutions and strategies to improve workers’ health, workspace environments, stretching programs and onsite physical therapists in a mix of virtual and in person options.  It is a perk to millenials in the workplace and also ensures a healthy, happy employee.  This also means offering training and lunch and learns to a workforce who loves to learn and grow.

Sometimes our work comes through the Risk & Safety Team, sometimes through a Workers Compensation Director and sometimes as an employee benefit through Human Resources.

For companies in today’s world, millennials bring to life what many of us have strived for – work life integration.  This means the smart employer looks at employee benefits, wellness and risk and safety differently - offering solutions that keep their workforce engaged and safe (whether in an office, a warehouse or a coffee shop)

There is a long of cross over in the employee benefits millennials want and the employee benefits desired by an older workforce.  It might be for different reasons, but the benefit is similar. Older workers want more flexible hours.  They want accommodations to their work environment and more.



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