8 Unique Employee Benefits To Keep Your Employees Engaged

We explore eight unique employee benefits to keep your employees engaged and what larger companies are doing that are unique to retaining top talent.

As leaders in ergonomics and injury prevention for global workforces, we often work with the Human Resources department in Employee Benefits – perks, health and safety.  With a mix of older employees postponing retirement and working longer alongside Gen X and Millennials, we have found eight unique employee benefits that all generations enjoy.

This statistic on “Employee Benefits & Perks” plays right into the increasing importance in attracting and retaining top talent.  Did you know 57% Report Benefits and Perks a top consideration when accepting a job?  Read more about that and some unique employee benefits of large companies here.



1. Volunteer Paid Time Off 

Organizations are offering a certain number of paid days off to volunteer, allowing for a closer connection to society and to the causes important to each individual employee.


2. Paid Sabbatical 

To reward longer stays within an organization, paid sabbaticals are become more common, usually linked to pursuing education or a talent.

3. Student Loan Debt Reimbursement 

To help employees pay off their education debt quicker, many employers are offering an annual student loan debt reimbursement amount.

4. Longer Paid Maternity & Paternity Leave 

With a trend towards having children later in life, this is a real perk for future parents.

5. Three day weekends 

Offering a Friday off each month or every other week is a significant benefit to a workforce who values work / life integration and a chance to come back more engaged on Monday.

6. Personal Travel reimbursement 

Companies are now offering a reimbursement amount towards personal travel, geared at helping pay for a vacation. Often times it is a plane ticket reimbursement for two people up to a certain dollar amount, per year.

7. Personalized Workspace Equipment 

Offering virtual assessments of work environments and personalizing the workspace for each individual is a great perk for employees and the employer – a safer work environment prevents injuries, time off work and lost productivity as well as a happier, more engaged employee.

8. Onsite massages and physical therapists 

There is a trend for onsite physical therapists and soft tissue therapy to relieve stress and prevent injuries through early symptom intervention

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