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Get the Data You Need with Briotix.Works

Posted by Team Briotix – January 10, 2018
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Strategic decision making is critical to the long-term success of any company, no matter the industry. A key component to making these strategic decisions is being able to reflect on data from past experiences to make the best and most informed decision for your company. However, far too often employers are left with limited data that does not provide the complete picture they need to make the best decisions.

With that idea in mind, Briotix created our virtual workflow management tool, Briotix.Works.

Briotix.Works was intentionally designed to be fully queriable. What exactly does that mean? Simply put, with Briotix.Works, any data point that is entered into the platform can later be searched. There is no limiting of fields or searching. Everything that goes in can be analyzed and reported back out.

Limitless Data for Decision Making with Briotix.Works

Prior to launching Briotix.Works, a number of our customers were relying on two or three searchable fields when trying to make strategic decisions. Now, since implementing the system, we’ve been able to help clients input data on dozens of matrix allowing them to build hundreds of unique reports for a truly comprehensive look at their company.

“What we’ve found with our customers who have committed to Briotix.Works is that they are now getting the whole picture of their company,” says Shelby Spencer, Head of Transformation and Technology. “With this platform, our clients are able to rely on comprehensive data to ask the hard questions and in turn, get meaningful answers for their company.”

Visualization is Key

Given the sheer mass of data which can be reported from Briotix.Works, we’ve learned that for many of our customers, all of this data is most powerful when it can be easily visualized. The last thing we want is for clients to get lost in a sea of numbers. That’s why Briotix.Works has a customizable dashboard with an easy to navigate and analyze data matrix.


When a company chooses to launch Briotix.Works, a Briotix professional will work with managers to create customized dashboards using the data points they are entering. Each manager can have their own unique dashboard that provides data which is directly related to the decisions they have to make on a daily, weekly, or even yearly basis.

Contact Us for a Free Demonstration

If your business could benefit from relying on comprehensive data to make strategic decisions,contact Briotix today. We can show you how the system works and how it would impact your company with a free demonstration.


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