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Integrating Employer Programs for Improved Outcomes

Posted by Team Briotix – July 18, 2017
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Tuesday, August 1st 2017 1:30pm

Dance with Me: Integrating Employer Programs for Improved Outcomes

Beyond medical and disability coverage, many employers offer a range of other benefits including employee assistance and wellness programs, return-to-work case managers and stay-at-work or accommodation support, health coaching, chronic disease management, health advocacy, and second opinion support. Leveraging these varied programs and partnering with vendors to fully support employees who are experiencing an acute or chronic disabling condition can be challenging for both employees and employers. Learn what the most common and costly disabling conditions are and how vendor coordination can improve program engagement and results for all parties. Hear how this facilitates vendor collaboration, and how vendor partners work together to drive improved outcomes for all!

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Hillary Dirks

Integrated Leave and Accommodation Specialist

Sherri Burrell

Head of Operations

Tori Weeks

Director, Workforce Solutions Group

Topics: Employee Benefits, Return to Work, Disability Management, employee health, Employee Wellness, employer programs