Exploring Alternative Return to Work Strategies

Introducing on-site return to work resources to supplement employer return to work programs. An initial pilot program has seen significant reduction.

We presented at the IBI Forum, introducing on-site return to work resources to supplement employer return to work programs.  An initial pilot program has seen significant reduction in disability durations, containing costs and optimizing employees' engagement.  

Disability Management Services - What Are the Goals?

  • Decrease lost work days
  • Decrease impact of disability
  • Impact employee presenteeism and productivity
  • Foster environment of expectation and support
  • Increase impact of Stay at Work and RTW Services
  • Identify and engage with employees before they would typically be targeted for RTW/SAW
  • Enable 1x1 contact to increase efficacy of programs

Early Stage Success:

Our pilot program showed early stage success.

early stage success-1.jpg

Prevention Stay At Work Services:

  • ˜Increase in request with launch of employee communication and Insight article
  • Prevention Focus on addressing acute and chronic symptoms reported
  • Preventive worksite analysis and coaching
  • Coaching and behavior change recommendations are #1 recommendation during worksite visits

Pilot Program Results - Year One:

pilot program savings.png


Placing an On-Site Consultant Is:

An investment that reduces lost workdays and improves employee engagement.

˜A productivity multiplier for employers that takes the burden off the HR department.

˜A visible and consistent message to employees that their employer will support them as they manage and recover from a disability.

˜A proactive approach that will identify employees at risk.

˜A trusted source of information that will engage with employees to understand their needs limitations, and capability.

Question: How do you manage RTW planning, job assessments, ERGO evaluations, workplace accommodations-including implementation and ongoing management?

Contact us to discuss the challenges in your organization.

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