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Improving the End-User's Experience with Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Team Briotix – January 29, 2018
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Artificial Intelligence - a concept that just a few short years ago seemed extremely far off. However, even if you are just a casual user of social media, you have likely already experienced artificial intelligence, possibly without even recognizing it.

Understanding Artificial intelligence

So what exactly is artificial intelligence? Simply put, artificial intelligence is the intelligence or thinking exhibited by machines or software. And in today’s technology-advanced society, artificial intelligence is customizing the way many consumers are experiencing the world.

As indicated above, one of the ways many of us experience artificial intelligence is through social media. If you have a Facebook account, take a minute and think through your news feed. Have you noticed any ads or videos finding their way onto your feed? If so, think about what exactly those advertisements are for? It’s likely that you are seeing ads or commercials for things you have recently searched on the internet. That is artificial intelligence – the software in Facebook customizes the advertisements you are seeing based on your past searches. In other words, the software is learning about things you need and then promoting a service or product that fulfills that need.

Briotix.Works Harnesses the Power of A.I.

Artificial intelligence is not limited to social media. Many of today’s top companies are using artificial intelligence to improve the end-users experience. Briotix is one of those companies. We’ve invested significant resources into knowledge mapping in order to create the best experience for our clients and their employees.

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In the development of Briotix.Works, our virtual wellness platform, we are using advanced algorithms to improve the user’s experience.

  • Briotix.Works offers variations of tools based on the user’s background and experience.
  • Once an employee begins engaging with the platform, our software learns their preferences and customizes screens for a truly unique and efficient user experience.
  • Within this customization, Briotix.Works consistently supports the employer’s policies and practices.

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