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How an Onsite Prevention Specialist Can Help Your Company

There is a reason that more and more employers are offering onsite health services to their staff. Onsite service providers are able to integrate with your team in a unique, intimate way.

There is a reason that more and more employers are offering onsite health services to their staff. Onsite service providers are able to integrate with your team in a professional and informed, but still intimate way. This connection allows them to provide early intervention support for health issues in a way that offsite medical providers simply can’t.

In particular, the presence of a prevention specialist onsite can provide your company with a variety of benefits, not least of which is cost savings.

“The bottom line for organizations is money,” Landis says. “Companies can really save money by hiring a prevention specialist.”

These cost savings manifest in a couple of ways.

“One way a company can save money is in terms of turnover,” Landis says.

Onsite prevention specialists tend to lead to a happier, healthier workforce. The specialist works with the staff to ensure a more safe and injury-free work environment, which makes coming to work more pleasant. This improves employee retention and reduces the need to hire and train new employees, which can get expensive.


 “They can also save money in terms of claims by having our type of services,” adds Landis.

It’s all in the name: an onsite prevention specialist works to prevent pains from becoming injuries and injuries from becoming claims. Fewer claims means less money spent. As Bob Patterson, a Briotix founder, would say: “A claim prevented is the best way forward.”

But beyond the basic reduction in claims for physical reasons, there is a reduction in claims because the presence of a prevention specialist makes employees feel more invested and warm towards their company.

“Just by having prevention specialists work with your team, you are driving engagement with your employees,” Landis says. “The more connected someone feels with their organization—the more valued they feel—the less likely they are to submit claims.”

While we know the bottom line is important, cost savings aren’t the only benefit to hiring a prevention specialist for your company. There are also valuable cultural benefits.

“In addition to the cost savings for the organization, there is just that benefit of a more healthful life for the employee,” says Landis. “When they leave work they can be the best they need to be for their family. They can go out and feel like they have enough energy to go to the gym or take that art class they wanted to take at night.”

The ability to lead a fulfilling, healthy life outside of the office creates a more positive work environment and increases productivity.

“Mental health can really cross over into physical health,” Landis says.

Briotix knows that prevention specialists spur these improvements within a company because they can see measurable, definitive differences in the data.

“We often look at discomfort scales to see how we’re doing,” Landis says. Prevention specialists can help ensure that an employee’s pain is less severe than it was several months ago. “We might also look at claims numbers on the injuries side and see fewer claims this year, with a prevention specialist, than last year, without one.”

An onsite prevention specialist is a powerful investment in your staff’s health and engagement. Contact Briotix today for help finding the perfect prevention specialist for your company.

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