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A Comprehensive Checklist to Ensure Compliance with New California Housekeeping MIPP Requirement

Posted by Team Briotix – March 12, 2018
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In spring 2018, California’s Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHA) Board will pass legislation that requires all hospitality companies (hotels and motels) to develop and implement a comprehensive Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Plan (MIPP) for their housekeeping department. The new standard mandates that this MIPP be a standalone, written document that is designed specifically for the unqiue needs of housekeeping staff and management.

In order to comply with the new legislation, companies must include identification of hazards and injuries for housekeeping staff, a comprehensive evaluation of their worksite, and training for both staff and management. Once the new standard is passed, companies will have just three months to implement the changes in order to be in compliance. Given the short turnaround time, it is critical management begin addressing the requirements in the new legislation now.

In order to assist in the compliance of the new standard, Briotix has put together a comprehensive checklist designed for hotel and motel managers. If followed, the checklist will take company leadership through all components required by the standard ensuring compliance. 


Download California  Housekeeping Checklist


Let Briotix Help You Comply

When the new California standard goes into effect, a significant amount of management’s time must be dedicated to developing an action plan. The experts at Briotix can help customers create this action plan to determine areas of focus for their unique company. Our customized approach not only saves management time but also ensures compliance to the new standard. To learn more about our comprehensive services, contact Briotix today.  


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