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Technology Driven Ergonomic Solutions to Improve Organizational Operations

Posted by Team Briotix – March 13, 2018
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Technology continues to drive Briotix’ innovative musculoskeletal injury prevention tools. Technologically-advanced wearable ergonomic sensors are groundbreaking devices that can be used to improve employee safety, personal health and organizational operations. Don’t miss Matt Marino’s presentation on Wearable Ergonomics – Using Wearable Sensors to Evaluate Exoskeletons in the Field at the Applied Ergonomics Conference.

Worker wearing exoskeleton

In the session, Matt will outline how wearable sensor technology can be used in the field to perform ergonomic evaluations before and after solution implementation. With these new technologies ergonomists can collect many types of data efficiently and accurately to significantly reduce the amount of lost work injuries. Attendees will leave with an understanding of how useful wearable sensor technology can be for evaluating workers, testing exoskeletons, and managing an ergonomics program across an entire organization.

2018 Applied Ergonomics Conference
March 26-29
Atlanta, GA

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Check back here after the conference to download his presentation.

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