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October is National Ergonomics Month

Posted by Team Briotix – October 01, 2018
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In 2003, the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) designated October as National Ergonomics Month. For 15 years, the goal of the month has remained the same – create awareness and promote ergonomics through teaching, learning, networking, and fun educational programming.  

national ergo month

As part of the month’s activities, HFES is hosting their annual Best Action Plan contest along with offering several events throughout the month. Plans can consist of any outreach activities, such as workshops, volunteer opportunities, community service, or educational modules, that promotes awareness of ergonomic issues. To learn more about the contest or to submit your plan, visit the HFES website.

In recognition of the month, Briotix Health will share the latest ergonomic news and research on both our blog and social media. Make sure you check back every week for updated content.