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Briotix interviewed for Risk & Insurance Article: Time to Prioritize Proactive Ergonomics

Posted by Team Briotix – October 19, 2016
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Ergonomics safety programs reduce injuries and help organizations reach operational goals.
Rick Spencer, Head of Prevention and Optmization, along with Scott Smith , Director of Ergonomics at Aon, were recently interviewed by Katie Siegel of Risk & Insurance, on data around Ergonomics safety programs ability to reduce injuries and help organizations reach operational goals.

Time to Prioritize Proactive Ergonomics

The article begins with an interesting statistic:
According to a recent benchmarking study conducted by Aon, which collected data from 150 companies who attended either the ASSE annual Safety conference or the Michigan Safety Conference this year, 27 percent of companies have no one designated to handle ergonomics in the workplace, and only 13 percent were conducting formal risk assessments of their ergonomic exposures.
It goes on to discuss the challenges in stakeholder buy in for pro-active programs:
“Most companies haven’t gone through the process of looking at workers’ comp and health care data together to show how injuries are related and how a more comprehensive approach can bring costs down for both,” said Rick Spencer, Head of Prevention and Optimization at Briotix, an ergonomics and injury prevention consulting firm. “Execs need to see that data to support a new initiative.”
The article looks at how data can help relate prevention programs with significant cost savings and some of the successess we have seen at Briotix and Aon. 
“We have to leverage technology to get ahead of ergonomic injury risk and to engage workers early,” Spencer said. “It all comes down to recognizing that your people are your greatest asset, and treating them as such.”
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