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How Will Future Workforces Use Wearable Robotic Technology?

Discover the future of work with wearable sensors and exoskeletons - the tech that is driving innovations in employee safety and producti

At Briotix, technology drives innovation with the development of groundbreaking, technologically-advanced musculoskeletal injury prevention tools. Briotix is committed to continuing to develop new tools that leverage technology in a purposeful way to improve employee safety, personal health and organizational operations.

Matt Marino will be discussing one of these new technologies, wearable sensors, at the upcoming WearRAcon conference. In his presentation, Wearable Ergonomics – Using Wearable Sensors to Evaluate Exoskeletons, Matt discusses a customer trial and will report on the effort, data and results of the wearable sensor and exoskeleton.

Looking to learn more about exoskeletons? Check out the Exoskeleton Report website and review their comprehensive information.

WearRAcon provides a place for the wearable robotics community to share ideas and collaborate. As the only professional organization dedicated to the entrepreneurs, businesses, and academics fueling the wearable robotics industry, their mission is to shape a global future which uses technology in a purposeful and synergistic fashion to improve the quality of life.

 WearRAcon 2018

2018 WearRAcon
March 21, 2018
Scottsdale, AZ

Learn more about the event and register to attend!

Check back here after the conference to download his presentation.

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