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Successful Implementation of Safe Patient Handling

Posted by Team Briotix – August 21, 2017
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We recently presented at ErgoExpo 2017 on Safe Patient Handling Management.  

Safe patient handling and mobility (SPHM) is the best practice approach to applying ergonomic principles and solutions to the tasks of patient care. nurse-1.pngSuccessful program implementation results in drastic reduction of musculoskeletal injuries, the primary risk to caregivers. Ms. Perez will provide data-driven results and practical tools for implementing and supporting a successful SPHM program that will help caregivers choose ergonomic solutions in their everyday work tasks.


This presentation was given by Amber Perez with the following learning objectives: 

  • Identify the risks of patient handling in healthcare
  • Implement best practice SPHM ergonomic solutions
  • Recognize the components of a successful program and program implementation

Download Our Safe Patient Handling Presentation

Briotix is the leading provider of healthcare musculoskeletal injury prevention and condition management solutions.  We address staff injury risks and musculoskeletal health through programs and services devoted to optimizing safe patient handling, early mobility, musculoskeletal wellness, industrial ergonomics (e.g. Material Services), and office ergonomics.

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