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Return to Work and Disability Cost Containment

Posted by Team Briotix – November 14, 2016
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On December 7th, 2016, our Founder and Executive Vice President, Bob Patterson, MPT, MBA, CAE, will be speaking along with Jascha Bennington, Senior Account Executive, Unum, at DMEC's December meeting in Long Beach, California.

The Topic: Rolling Out the Red Carpet: Employer Support Models in Optimizing Disability Management & Cost Containment

Many employers, while recognizing the importance of productive communication and employee dialog in establishing and implementing return-to-work (RTW) policies, often don’t experience optimum outcomes in disability cost containment.  This occurs for a myriad of reasons, but many center on gaps in process that can help to effectively implement RTW policies proven to reduce disability duration and costs. ...continue reading and register for the event here.

This presentation will contain a treatment of the best practices in disability management optimization outlined above as well as a case study demonstrating how effective application of these approaches will deliver return on investment.

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Bob_Patterson_200.jpgBob has specialized in and developed extensive experience in the fields of wellness, injury prevention and ergonomics. In 1997, Bob formed Briotix to deliver ergonomic consulting services, related software and cost containment programs to workers’ compensation payors and employers. Through a sophisticated combination of injury prevention services, streamlined ergonomic incident management, web applications, and the disciplined and scientific application of ergonomic and behavioral science principles, Briotix enables its clients to contain costs and optimize productivity.

Topics: Return to Work, Disability Management