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3 Reasons to Create an Ergonomically Correct Workplace

Posted by Team Briotix – April 23, 2018
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Whether your looking to make a more productive and safe work environment or moving your office due to expansion, relocation, or downsizing, having the right work space is critical to a company’s success. Location is an obvious factor when choosing to move an office; however, there are other considerations that shouldn’t be overlooked. One of those is creating an office environment that is comfortable for employees.  

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Your employees spend long hours in your workplace and investing in an ergonomically-correct environment will not only keep them comfortable, but also improve productivity and impact the company’s bottom line. 

3 Reasons Why Your Business Will Benefit from an Ergonomically Correct Work Environment

Below are three reasons why it is best for both employers and employees to ensure that you are creating an ergonomically-friendly space.

  1. Employee Discomfort Impairs Performance

Research indicates that in the United States, employee discomfort leads to approximately 5 ½ hours of lost productivity per week. Smart companies are addressing employee discomfort with proactive preventative measures including comprehensive ergonomic assessments and prevention plans. When a company implements preventative measures to reduce employee musculoskeletal pain, not only do they see an enhancement in employee productivity, but also improvement in employee engagement/satisfaction.

  1. Lower Workers Compensation Costs

After a complete ergonomic assessment, companies become aware of ergonomic and environmental factors which are causing employee musculoskeletal injuries and pain. With more than 70% of the U.S. workforce reporting they experience musculoskeletal pain in the workplace, removing these risk factors significantly lowers the number of employees experiencing pain and in turn, significantly lowers workers compensation costs. Briotix’ solution, ErgoMed, has shown to reduce the average workers compensation claim by more than $5,000 and help resolve 94% of symptoms with early intervention practices.

  1. Return to Work Happens Faster

With a well-supported ergonomics program, employees can return to work faster after an injury occurs in large part because of the reduction in re-occurrence. Through supported interventions and the removal of risk factors, physicians are reassured that the root cause(s) of employee injury are mitigated and more likely to recommend return-to-work.  Briotix offers employees direct ergonomic assistance with the ergo help desk, chat-based ergo support, on-demand training content and employee performance data.

Schedule Your Ergonomic Assessment Today

If you’re planning to relocate your office to a new location, creating a comfortable work environment that reduces employee pain will have a big impact on both the company and your team members. At Briotix, we offer comprehensive ergonomic assessments and technical consulting to ensure your new workplace is ergonomically correct and getting you the biggest ROI. To learn more about our assessment and consulting capabilities, contact us today. 

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